I had all my friends on this page but I have no idea who my friends are anymore
"I may look happy on the outside but if you felt how I felt on the inside you'd understand"
I HAD good friends, we hang out all the time and had a lot of fun, but something happen about 10 years ago
My friends stopped calling me and stopped hanging out with me. It is like they stopped caring about me
One of my best friends did not even tell me that he was getting married. I heard it from everyone else
I guess, he does not even know how much that hurts. I want to go back to the way it was or find out what the problems is so we can work on

They say they are "busy" but they seem to have time each other but not for me
I also had a friend who decided not to be my friend and is such a little baby will not go to a party if I am there. Then, I try to ask my others friends what's going on they change the subject. Thanks. I tried to email him but I got nothing back so I sent him a email on Facebook and then he blocked me. Thanks ASSHOLE. I have learned now that no one has my back. It's sad, I have a friend who has 3 kids and 2 jobs and he seems to have time to hang out but no one else does

I want to thank my "friends" for teaching me that I'm not good enough for anyone and I can't meet people now because I think to myself am I pissing them off. Why I should I find new friends because they will leave me anyways

I wish my friends would think what is Jon doing right now. The answer is sitting at home doing nothing. It's not like I want to hang out all the time but once in a while. Not seeing people once every other year for like 30 mins. No one has any idea what is going on in my life because the either don't care, forget to ask, or they are not my friends

It sucks going to a party with my friends and feeling out of place because I have no idea what is going on with them

If I died tomorrow my friends wouldn't come to my funeral because they would be too busy
Have a good life. Thanks, for proving my point that I should never trust anyone
I guess, I should be happy with my one friend who actually talks to me
I wish they knew how much I have cried over them
"A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself"~Jim Morrison

This page is dedicated to the worst human being I have ever met