Analysis of me as a player. By the pro team I tried out for. I know a guy who knows the coaches,
he got mr the try-out THANKS

So I get this call from a guy that I have not heard from in a long time
To Be Continue....

So I tried out for that pro soccer team and I made it
BUT because I am over 23 years old I would be called a "Transitional player"
The team only gets two "Transitional players" per team
A "transitional player" is between the ages of 23 and 25
So the team was trying to change my status to an "overage player"
because they already had 2 "transitional players"
An "overage player" is someone over 25 years old
and the team gets seven "overage players"
Then, I found out that the team owns money to the league and they needed to pay it by April 15th
So, they will try to get a new sponsor and they will try to play next season
JUST MY LUCK, but wait I have no luck